Brooke Stanley

Brooke Stanley grew up in Astoria and returned here after attending Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She is a fourth generation Oregonian with a desire to increase equity and integration of the Hispanic population in the community. She works as the Community Health Improvement Coordinator in Clatsop County for Columbia Pacific CCO. She helps coordinate community efforts that align with the 2019 Regional Health Improvement Plan, which has equity as a central focus. She is also enrolled in The Healthcare MBA program through OHSU & PSU.

Brooke has a passion for people and nature, with a focus on human rights, service, and environmental stewardship. She loves spending time with her family, studying, swimming in rivers, and working hard to make the world a little bit better.

Other Affiliations:

Community Health Improvement Coordinator, Columbia Pacific CCO/CareOregon

Graduate Student, The Healthcare MBA

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