Membership dues provide critical support for our programming and membership to Consejo Hispano is tax-deductible. Being a member is not a requirement for receiving services and support.

Annual memberships to Consejo Hispano are listed below and provide the following benefits to Latinx community members:

  • ITIN (Individual Tax Identification numbers) applications
    Tax preparation
  • Translation of Birth Certificates (first 2 free, please refer to chart below)
  • Interpretation (first hour free, please refer to chart below)
  • Notary services, Computer /Internet access, copies, printing, fax service, and complimentary access to our library for current members
  • Members-only giveaways and events
  • Priority notification about educational workshops: financial education, parenting classes, Know-Your-Rights, civic engagement, health workshops and others organized by our agency, and
    Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, El Heraldo, which includes information on our events, services, and other important announcements.
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments with the individual’s local Consulate to process Consular Identification, Passports, Double Nationalities, and Military Registrations.

Membership Tiers

Membership Tiers - Memberships last one year from the date of purchase

Service Cost Chart

NotaryFirst 3 are free ($5/document) $10/document
Tax filing assistance¹Current year is free ($65 for prior years) Membership cost
Translation of Birth CertificateFirst 2 are free ($10/ page) $15/page
Interpreting²First hour free ($15/hour) $30/hour*
General applicationFirst hour free ($15/hour) $20/hour
1 For small business tax assistance there will be a $25 additional cost, if you come to your appointment without organizing your receipts and documents.   2 Cost may vary, refer to our Interpreting Policy.


Community Outreach

Our programs are designed to be cultural-specific so we can meet the needs of our comunity and build networks of support leveraging our experience with the work of our partners.


Matched funds through VIDA


Families assisted through OHP in 2020


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Providing free opportunities to learn through adult & youth programs.
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Improving your Health

Educational workshops and direct services.
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From tax preparation to translation services - get trusted guidance on many issues.
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