Youth Leadership/La Cima Lower Columbia

La Cima Lower Columbia is a bilingual leadership camp for Latinx high school students along the north coast of Oregon. La Cima is not a language camp but all camp activities and instructions are given in both English and Spanish. This camp is designed for Latinx high school students who wish to make a positive difference in their schools and communities!

La Cima was officially established in Washington, in 2003 to develop the skills of Latinx students and at the same time improve the school environment. La Cima began with 14 students in its first year and in 2016 it served 115 delegates. In spring 2017, La Cima Camp was introduced to the state of Oregon, and we served 19 Latinx students our first year. Spring 2018, we had 37 Latinx students participate from 5 different high schools on the coast. Spring 2019 we had 32 students in attendance! Our goal is to continue involving the Latinx youth in leadership roles in their personal and school lives. We hope we are able to offer La Cima LC every year and reach more Latinx students on the north coast.

La Cima is currently on-hold due to Covid-19 but we look forward to a fresh re-start once it is safe to do so. 

La Cima Bilingual Leadership Camp

La Cima Lower Columbia Bilingual Leadership Camp


What students said after attending La Cima Lower Columbia 2019:

“It’s really fun and you learn so many skills that you need to succeed in the future. It’s also a safe and judge free place; warm and welcoming…and everyone treats you like family.” –Yeleni Gapi (Astoria High School)

“It’s a great experience, you really get out of your comfort zone and open up, but it’s not scary because the people around you are all there for you.”  – Angelica Valencia (Tillamook High School)

“…Whether you know you’re a leader of not, it teaches you about your strengths, weaknesses, values and more. It sparks something in you to grow yourself and the way you work with others.” –Xcaret Bello (Seaside High School)

“You get to learn new skills that you wouldn’t at school and when you arrive everyone welcomes you in like family.” – Dulce Salazar (Tillamook High School)

“It’s a great experience and you learn a lot of powerful skills that will help you in the future.”  –Lisette Santiago (Seaside High School)

“I would say it was a life changing experience, a positive one that makes you realize many things you didn’t before.” –Marissa Velazquez (Tillamook High School)


What is La Cima Bilingual Lower Columbia Leadership Camp?

La Cima is a bilingual leadership camp for Latinx high school students along the coast of Oregon.

What will I learn or gain during the camp?

You will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, explore educational possibilities and make a plan to attain your dreams. While learning these skills you will meet other Latinx students throughout the north coast and build a network of support.

Where would I need to register?

Delegate registration forms will be available at your high school counseling office and right here on this page, you can find it below! There is a registration fee of $100. Scholarships are available if needed, please contact us for more information.

La Cima Lower Columbia 2020

After monitoring the current situation of the COVID-19 precautions in our state we have decided to cancel La Cima Lower Columbia Bilingual Leadership Camp 2020 scheduled for April 30th-May 3rd in Rockaway Beach, OR.

We understand that students will be potentially missing several weeks of school and we want to support our schools and students by not adding potential missed days to the school year. We will be reaching out to students and families that have already registered for the camp to inform them of the camp cancellation and answer any questions.

We are very sad to have to cancel La Cima this year but we hope to be able to continue providing bilingual leadership education for students in the future.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Contact Consejo Hispano at 503-325-4547



Registration & Scholarship (bilingual)
Tel. (503) 325-4547

La Cima Lower Columbia 2019

Thursday, April 11 through Sunday, April 14, 2019
Camp Magruder – Rockaway Beach, OR

We thank our 2019 sponsors: Meyer Memorial, Northwest Health Foundation, Ford Foundation, & Clatsop County!

La Cima Lower Columbia 2018

Thursday, April 12 through Sunday, April 15, 2018
Camp Kiwanilong – Warrenton, OR

We thank our 2018 sponsors: Meyer Memorial and Northwest Health Foundation!

La Cima Lower Columbia 2017

Friday, April 14 through Sunday, April 16, 2017
Camp Kiwanilong – Warrenton, OR

We thank our 2017 sponsors: Meyer Memorial, Oregon Community Foundation and Northwest Health Foundation!