Community Self-Determination

We believe in the self-determination of the Latinx community to solve our own problems. We work to eliminate disparities through systems change. Our programs support the development of youth, Latinas and families to be agents of change in the community. Our relationships within the Latinx and immigrant communities allow us to be a bridge for the community and for policymakers working to create equitable outcomes for our region. We promote advocacy and build civic leadership skills within our community to change systemic inequalities and fight for affordable housing, transportation improvements, climate justice and more.

Café para Mamás

Small group conversations that help facilitate transformation and healing within families, build community, develop peer to peer relationships, and engage parents as partners. It is a safe space to talk and listen to each other on topics that matter to them, such as the challenges and victories of raising a family, navigating landscapes of inequality, or enhancing well-being.

Summer Enrichment Program

Consejo Hispano centers the pursuit of educational equity by helping ensure that Latinx students have access to the educational foundation they need to reach their individual potential through the Summer Enrichment Program. We accomplish this by connecting program lessons to students’ cultural background, valuing students’ unique strengths, embracing our culture, and building partnerships with Latinx parents. Using our cultural background to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes makes learning experiences more personally meaningful, engaging and effective. Our Summer Enrichment Program connects students more deeply to their communities’ histories, and present-day realities, while also situating them as knowledge-holders. 

Emergency Preparedness

(The Cascadia Coastlines and Peoples Hazards Research Hub) – Increasing capacity of coastal communities to prepare, respond, and recover from chronic and acute hazards. Pilot project in partnership with Oregon State University and Oregon Sea Grant Extension to assess the awareness of natural coastal hazards and disaster preparedness of the Latinx community in Clatsop County. Findings will inform how to better educate, train, and communicate with Spanish speaking members of Coastal communities on natural disaster issues.

Document Assistance & Notary Public

Assist in filling out forms of various types and basic translation of certain documents and forms, people need to call for specific details. Free service provided to Latinx community members that helps ensure that the person signing a document knows what they are signing, can understand the document they are signing, and has proper ID and credentials to verify their signature is on the document. Consejo Hispano has 2 notary publics credentialed by the state of Oregon.

Crisis Information and Referral Services

To address social determinants of wellbeing, Consejo Hispano helps connect people with resources such as food pantries, SNAP, rent assistance, energy assistance, unemployment benefits, and much more. Our team members can help you access available resources as well as understand eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits of each service. A crucial part of these services is providing advocacy for a person’s rights and interests when they face barriers or challenges in accessing or receiving social services, as well as appealing a denial of services. Our program can be accessed by reaching out to any one of our team members via email or calling our office at 503-325-4547

STEM Enrichment Program

This program aims to inspire Latinx students to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while focusing on developing students’ academic skills, leadership abilities, and social responsibility. The program includes hands-on workshops, guest speakers, field trips, and more. Consejo Hispano began this popular program during the Fall of 2020 as a means to provide Latinx children with an enrichment activity to supplement their remote learning and has since continued and expanded the program.

Outreach Program

Our Outreach Program aims to increase the access, participation, and empowerment of the Latinx community in various areas such as education, health, culture, and civic engagement. The program allows us to share meaningful and relevant community information and resources in a timely and complete manner in order to help community members gain access to available community resources, programs, and opportunities that they may not know of otherwise.

Healthy Workplaces Partnership

Consejo Hispano supports community members and their rights to healthy and non-toxic workplaces and community spaces. Consejo Hispano participates in a partnership with Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) and Northwest Justice Project (NWJP) to help protect workers’ rights by assisting in holding people accountable when necessary and supporting the investigation of wage theft, work conditions, worker’s rights violations, discrimination to housing and public accommodations, and more.