Who We Are

Our Vision:

Fostering resilient, prosperous, and powerful Latinx communities in which people and families flourish.

who we are

Our Mission:

We support community well being by ensuring people can: provide for themselves and one another, build intergenerational wealth, and stay connected to our culture.

Our Values:

As an organization we fight against all manifestations of inequality, discrimination, hate, and marginalization.

We assist all people equally by providing a safe space, and service that is kind, inclusive, and free of prejudice.

At Consejo Hispano we believe that everyone deserves:

  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Safety
  • Love
  • Recognition for our Accomplishments
  • Opportunities
  • Forgiveness
  • To live with Dignity and Free of Shame
  • To be heard

Who we serve and work with:

Consejo Hispano provides services to Latinx/a/e/o, Immigrant, Indígena, Afrodescendiente youth, womxn and families in the rural communities of Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook Counties in Oregon and Pacific County in Washington. This region is home to over 15,000 people from our communities. This includes recent migrants, second, and third generations.

We also serve our communities statewide through our many collaborative efforts including the Latinx Community Wealth Building Network (LCWBN), and Oregon Worker Relief Fund.

Our Strategic Priorities


Build access and opportunities for advocacy and leadership

Ensure civic access and engagement for our clients and their advocates to:


Expand access to resources ensuring equitable outcomes

Cocreate pathways to equitable empowerment for Latinx youth, Latinas and families by building:


Increase awareness, experiences, and understanding of Latinx culture by: